It’s Fall!

September 30, 2019

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The days are getting shorter and there is a delightful breeze in the air which can only mean one thing…Fall is upon us! With the changing of the leaves comes comfy sweaters, hot drinks and heartier meals.  

It is also the perfect time to take out that wonder of modern cookery…the slow cooker!

Soups, chili, stews and roasts are just a few of the wonderful things that can come from slow cooking.

Whether you are a busy mom who wants to throw some ingredients in a pot in the morning and come home to find a healthy, delicious meal ready to serve your family, or you are looking for something to dazzle your dinner guests with but just don’t have the time to stand over the stove all day…slow cooking is for you.

Besides the ease of slow cooking, there is also the added benefit of tenderizing some of the lower priced cuts of meat and bringing out all the natural goodness and flavors in your food.

And, lets face it…there is nothing that can compare to the wonderful aromas that will fill your kitchen.  It is the coziness of home right in a pot!

Want the perfect easy Saturday lunch?  Make a mixed salad with dark greens, cherry tomatoes and our NEW Garlic Dill Pickles and serve it with a slow-cooked, warm chili.

Or pair a warmed potato salad with our Smokin’ Okra and serve it with your one-pot wonder Pot Roast and hear your guests rave!

Taste, aroma and ease makes the slow cooker our pick for fall cooking!

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