Pickled Pink X Felines & Canines Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center

Hello! We thought that today we might share with you a little more about Pickled Pink’s mission. Though we’re quite proud of our business and the products we make, we’re really proud of the cause that it supports, the Felines & Canines Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center.

This ASPCA award-winning animal shelter rescues between 75-125 homeless dogs and cats per week from overwhelmed shelters across Northern Alabama. Each animal is provided with exceptional physical, medical, and emotional care in order to prepare them for adoption. Three times per week, the animals are relocated to thriving adoption centers across the Midwest and East Coast where they are united with their loving, forever families. Learn more about the Rescue Center at www.FCRescueCenter.org

Over the course of a two-and-a-half year period, the Rescue Center has saved more than 9,500 at-risk dogs and cats. As huge animal lovers ourselves, we at Pickled Pink truly believe in this mission and are incredibly honored to be able to support them, which is why our tagline is “Pickled FOR a Purpose!”

Thank you for supporting both our business and its mission--we want you to feel good about where your money is going!

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