Sicilian, Neapolitan, Margherita, New York-Style, Chicago Deep Dish, Thin Crust, Extra Cheesy…just a few ways to experience that joy in life known as PIZZA!

If you’re like me, you consider pizza to be one of your all-time favorite meals. And, we are not alone. Pizza is one of the most popular foods all across the globe. It has become synonymous with comfort, convenience and entertaining. A true culinary delight.

Having come from New York, there was nothing like picking up a slice from a local pizzeria. The pie would come straight from the wood-burning oven, the steaming hot slice handed to me on a piece of wax paper, the mozzarella speckled with red sauce and spices, the crust thin and well done, the natural oils spilling off onto the paper. And that first bite…ahhh…perfection!

Sweet Heat Jalapeños top the perfect pizza pie!

Through the years, I have experienced pizza in many different forms. Thinking of myself now as a seasoned pizza aficionado, I decided to experiment by making my own pizzas. After a little trial and error, I got the crust to my liking, along with the perfect combination of cheese, sauce and spices. It was now time to play with the toppings. I experimented with pepperoni and sausage for the meat lovers in my life; mushrooms, onions and peppers for those who want it a little lighter; and, I added Pickled Pink’s Sweet Heat Jalapeños to the top of my pizza for the most delicious little kick of sweet heat.

Next time you want an easy to prepare meal that will please everyone – roll out some dough, spread on the mozzarella and sauce…and don’t forget the toppings!